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Brief: During Wimbledon, IBM launched a TV channel in London taxis. To entice passengers to watch the channel, and learn about IBM's relationship with Wimbledon and other world-famous brands, we created a series of posters to be positioned behind the driver.

"13 days, 580 matches, millions of fans worldwide. *How do you order the right number of strawberries?
*It's at your fingertips."

"An armed robber holds up a Manhattan pizzeria. NYPD has one thing to go on. A tattoo. *How do you find him?
*Spot him from here."

"A farmer in China catches avian bird flu. He spreads the disease to his cousin who takes a flight to London. *How do you stop the virus spreading?
*Catch it in this cab."

Role: Senior copywriter at Ogilvy Interactive London.

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